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Fragrance Regulation: MoCRA Unwrapped

test tubes clear transparent with fragrance oil in them

So, here's the lowdown on MoCRA - the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act that shook up the beauty game in 2022. This legislation is like a breath of fresh air for the cosmetic industry, including us, a solid fragrance brand all about laying our cards on the table.

MoCRA in a Nutshell: Picture this – MoCRA is like a massive update for the rules that govern cosmetics, and trust us, they needed a refresh after collecting dust for over 80 years. It's all about safety, innovation, and making sure you feel good about the products you use.

Happening Now: Since MoCRA became a hot topic in December 2022, we've been asked by many beauty vets, who are concerned on the impact to their business, how we can help on the fragrance piece of the puzzle. Well, as an Ingredient Transparent brand with a core focus on sustainability, clearly we can help. Note to founders who need help: Lucent Labs

Our Takeaway: MoCRA might sound like a mouthful, but for us, it's an opportunity to prove we've got nothing to hide. As a brand with science and validation at it's core, focused on transparent ingredients that are safe for you and the planet, we're embracing the shake-up, doubling down on transparency, and doing what we can to shift the industry in our direction. Stay tuned for a scented revolution, folks! 🌿🌟