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Why we created Allergen-Free Fragrances?

Why we created Allergen-Free Fragrances?

 At State of Change, we are crafting a world of captivating scents, where every fragrance tells a story of beauty and embraces the moment.  We have created fragrances that not only delight the senses but also nurture your well-being. We know that 'is this natural' is one of the most common conversations in fragrance and we think it is important to address the lack of information on the topic.  For many of you, Naturals, are often the reason you go 'fragrance-free' as they are generally the cause for reaction with anyone who has sensitivities or allergies.

TLDR: Essential oils are the 'naturals' you are often referring to in fragrance, they are beautiful and boast a diverse array of terpenes. From the citrusy zest of limonene to the soothing embrace of linalool, these natural compounds weave enchanting scents into many fragrance creations.  Nature's palette is rich and varied but is also influenced by factors like plant health and growth conditions, which is where the challenges begin. This diversity makes consistency a challenge and specifically leaves each batch of a raw ingredient with varying levels of allergens. Essential oils are also sensitive to oxidation and can change color, scent, and stability in different conditions. 

We approach our fragrance development process with a view of Transparency. We embrace proven-safe synthetic ingredients which we consider the unsung heroes of the fragrance world. Mimicking nature's wonders, these compounds offer stability and longevity without compromising on scent and most importantly are proven safe. 

Each fragrance is a testament to our dedication to quality and the well-being of our customers. Crafting allergen-free fragrances requires skill and dedication. Our team navigates the fragrant landscape with precision to create scents that captivate the senses while remaining safe for sensitive skin.   At State of Change, we believe that beauty should never come at the expense of safety. We are proud of the hard work and time we spent to build a range of allergen-free fragrances that indulge the senses without triggering sensitivities.